The Magical World of Thrifting

I’ll go weeks and weeks without buying anything new or changing the way I wear my clothes. After a while, this becomes ridiculously uninspiring and I try to stay indoors to avoid going out in an outfit I don’t like.

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stilettos or sneakers?

The late Oscar de la Renta once said that “Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself”. That’s an easy way to describe this never-ending cycle of trends and fads that we always seem to fall into.

"c'mon everybody lets be original and all that"
“c’mon everybody let’s be original and all that”

“Style” and “Fashion” have become the same thing to some. I go to public school, we all wear what we want whenever. But wearing what we want often becomes what others want or what others are wearing. It becomes a fear thing. We fear that this outfit may not be “in” or my friends will judge because they don’t wear things like this. But isn’t the whole point really just to be comfortable and love what you wear. If you don’t like it don’t put it on. If you do then by all means WEAR it, proudly. The sad thing about today’s society is that we sometimes label people or judge them based on their clothes. I am guilty of it, so are you. Everyone is, and everyone knows that everyone is but we don’t change. Dressing your self according to what you like, according to what makes you feel good should be the only way to do it. I love wearing different fashions and trying things out, that’s what is fun and it’s what I like. I will wear stilettos on Monday,sneakers Thursday and combat boots and Saturday because it’s what I like. It is my style and it is me. Who are you.

Always yours..