High School and Race.

Being a black girl at my high school was a very strange experience for many different reasons. For the first couple of years I barely had any other black friends and therefore spent most of my time feeling like I couldn’t express my blackness. The remainder of my time there was weird in a different kind of way. I no longer felt out-of-place expressing my blackness, but I couldn’t stand up to those that disrespected it. Either way I felt like I was compromising on something too important to just give up on.

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Fashion Magazines and Political Correctness

Our society has a weird habit of limiting who can and cannot voice their opinions on issues that we all face. Meaning it’s okay for a politician to speak about police brutality or other racial issues while musicians or actors, etc. are sometimes viewed in a negative light if they do.There’s a cone of silence that exists around certain people or groups that allows them to ignore “sticky”┬áissues that should matter to everyone,but may be awkward to talk about. Which is ridiculous because as American citizens, any issues that some Americans face should be issues that we are all allowed to address,right?

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