Creativity and How to Save The World

Since the dawn of human existence, there’s always been a few facts that are undeniably true about the world and the way it operates. One being that cis-het white men have an advantage over every other type of person on the planet. Its disgusting and discouraging. Knowing that for each hour of work you have to put in to achieve something, the white guy around the corner put in 5 minutes. That even if you are qualified, over qualified even, you may not get a job simply because of something you can’t control. When you throw generational wealth into the mix, the formula becomes even more deadly. The privilege becomes more overbearing.

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Why Should I Have to Validate my Blackness?

I’ve spent a lot of time recently comparing my life and my interests to the other interests and forms of expression that are ‘accepted’ within the black community. Over the years, I’ve been bombarded with comments on ‘blackness’ and I’m left trying to decipher what that really means.

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