Double-Consciousness: The Black Soul In Suburbia

In my African American studies course, we did a reading from Du Bois’ ‘The Souls of Black Folk’. While it was incredibly difficult to get through, Du Bois was so intelligent it makes my head hurt, it was also very enlightening.

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I Hate Reality Television.

Why are so many of the mainstream examples of black women negative ones?Why don’t we have reality shows that exhibit the women as they embark on new career paths or attend college?We are constantly bombarded with casts full of women people describe as “ratchet”,”ghetto”, or a number of other derogatory words. It’s disappointing, it’s demeaning and I hate that this is a central part of pop culture.

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Yes,Representation Matters.

A couple of days ago, I read a story that has stuck with me. The news was about Elaine Welteroth, becoming the new head of Teen Vogue. This is monumental in more ways than one. She’s only 29, making her the youngest of any Conde Nast editor-in chief. She is also a black woman, meaning she’s opening the door for opportunity for the rest of us.

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I wasn’t born with the idea of being inferior. My first thoughts weren’t ones of shame or self depreciation. My soft-soled and hesitant feet padded on an earth filled with bodies that did not want me here. Unbeknownst to my naive toddler mind, I carried on with dreams of clouds and colors.

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