High School and Race.

Being a black girl at my high school was a very strange experience for many different reasons. For the first couple of years I barely had any other black friends and therefore spent most of my time feeling like I couldn’t express my blackness. The remainder of my time there was weird in a different kind of way. I no longer felt out-of-place expressing my blackness, but I couldn’t stand up to those that disrespected it. Either way I felt like I was compromising on something too important to just give up on.

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The Black Girl Sisterhood.

Being a black girl in today’s world is like being a part of a sisterhood. A secret society of women who prosper together,despite the stereotypes and negative expectations that society places on them.To excel as a black girl in this world is to be a part of something far greater than an individual. It’s being a member of a faction that is constantly growing and glowing, becoming stronger and more educated everyday.

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