Finding Your Home-Afropunk 2017

Nestled in an obscure corner, hidden in the heart of Atlanta is 787 Windsor St. The venue, a former steam boiler manufacturing facility has been reclaimed and turned into a beautiful collection of pipes, metal, concrete, artwork and life. This year the venue was the location of Afropunk’s Carnival of Consciousness in Atlanta.

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Because the universe is so expansive and our minds are so vast, we’ve found a multitude of ways to express the ever changing range of emotions that is every human being.

I’ve found that sometimes writing a long essay to express something doesn’t always work for me, that maybe a short poem or a Haiku is a better way to articulate my feelings. I’ve never been able to sing, but certain musicians have the ability to relay my feelings into song in a way I’d never be able to. And that’s a real tragedy, because I think I’d make an excellent song writer.

But there are people who can pick up a variety of tools to express their feelings. Actors who can also paint. Singers who write poetry ( which is basically song writing depending on the artist). Dancers who double as photographers. And so on and so forth.

My point is, intersections exist and should be celebrated. Not solely in the arts but in every aspect of life. Creatives should be encouraged to draw upon inspiration from any and everything and transfer their response to whichever medium they find most appropriate.

The world is so large and so diverse; why shouldn’t we allow our minds and our work to be just as interesting.


I Don’t Want to be a Doctor, so What. 

Creative careers are not new. We’ve always had artists. Writers and photographers (for the past century or so), play-writes, actors. So on and so forth. Yeah, none of this is new to our society. So why is it that we struggle with accepting people who want to embark on a creative career path?

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Conversations with Myself.

I have this scary,really weird thing I do where I began to think about one topic and then my mind spirals into this deep abyss filled with hundreds of random things that I’m forced to think about. I like to write about a lot of the random things because it interests me.
It’s extremely trivial, I mean it’s anything from thinking about an episode of Scandal to thinking about the creation of the
universe. Of course I know everyone does this, to a certain extent. I mean the human mind is amazing of course we think about things like this. We’re literally made to sit around and ponder random questions that we have about the world. It’s why we have science and medicine and literature, cause people thought about things and shared with other people so they could think about it as well.
That’s all fine and cool and every thing. But the real issue arrives when you have to figure out how to communicate your ideas. What I mean is everybody has emotions and thoughts but not everyone has a way to channel them. As an example, I have a friend who’s going through a breakup type of thing(sorry it’s high school) and she’s started drawing in order to “get over it” or “handle it” in her own way. I told her that my thing was writing, no matter how upset or happy I am, I always document it. And she told me that wouldn’t help her because she wouldn’t know where to begin or how to gather her thoughts. This honestly confuses me because I feel like people assume that if you aren’t writing a novel or a Shakespearean sonnet, that it doesn’t matter, or that it’s pointless. Half the time when I’m journaling, it’s random thoughts that are flowing as my pen hits the page. I do that until I can really get into what’s bothering me or whatever’s on my mind.
Of course there is an enormous amount of people who can take their feelings and put them into physical form. I mean we have artists, musicians, writers and so many other examples.But to the people who can’t or don’t, please do. There’s so many cool ways to do something creative with your issues/life or whatever you want.
I know not every person has time to sit around being all “artsy” or “granola” or whatever you wanna call it. But I think creativity is such an important part of the human mind and honestly it shouldn’t be wasted.