Taking a Mental Health Break

Sometimes it can be so difficult to remain present. To remain alert and actively involved. For most people in my generation, the current status of the country (and the world) is probably the most difficult thing we’ve had to deal with. So far anyway. We learned about the depressing years from the past and how our grandparents and great-grandparents eventually rose from them. But no one ever talked about the mental toll that these things take. The history books never told us how to deal with these issues on a personal level.

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Because the universe is so expansive and our minds are so vast, we’ve found a multitude of ways to express the ever changing range of emotions that is every human being.

I’ve found that sometimes writing a long essay to express something doesn’t always work for me, that maybe a short poem or a Haiku is a better way to articulate my feelings. I’ve never been able to sing, but certain musicians have the ability to relay my feelings into song in a way I’d never be able to. And that’s a real tragedy, because I think I’d make an excellent song writer.

But there are people who can pick up a variety of tools to express their feelings. Actors who can also paint. Singers who write poetry ( which is basically song writing depending on the artist). Dancers who double as photographers. And so on and so forth.

My point is, intersections exist and should be celebrated. Not solely in the arts but in every aspect of life. Creatives should be encouraged to draw upon inspiration from any and everything and transfer their response to whichever medium they find most appropriate.

The world is so large and so diverse; why shouldn’t we allow our minds and our work to be just as interesting.


I Don’t Want to be a Doctor, so What. 

Creative careers are not new. We’ve always had artists. Writers and photographers (for the past century or so), play-writes, actors. So on and so forth. Yeah, none of this is new to our society. So why is it that we struggle with accepting people who want to embark on a creative career path?

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Creativity and How to Save The World

Since the dawn of human existence, there’s always been a few facts that are undeniably true about the world and the way it operates. One being that cis-het white men have an advantage over every other type of person on the planet. Its disgusting and discouraging. Knowing that for each hour of work you have to put in to achieve something, the white guy around the corner put in 5 minutes. That even if you are qualified, over qualified even, you may not get a job simply because of something you can’t control. When you throw generational wealth into the mix, the formula becomes even more deadly. The privilege becomes more overbearing.

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Is My Optimism Really Just Naivete?

In another week or two I’ll be entering into my first year of college. The process has been ridiculous and difficult and I’m going through a lot of red tape that none of my friends are having to deal with. Despite that though, I’m still really excited and hopeful that everything will just work out because I have no time to be sad or stress out about things that I can’t change or help.

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Why Using Your Voice is so Important

As the fourth of July holiday week came to a close, we were unfortunately gifted with the latest round of unjust police shootings. It’s no longer news when we hear about another unarmed black man being murdered by a police officer.In fact, it happens so often that we fall into a cyclical pattern each time we hear of a new victim. Hashtags, outrage,protests,silence,repeat. Despite the steps that are taken to incite change and reform, we are never given the results we desire, thus continuing on the pattern we are forced to relive every few months or so. However, this time, things feel different. Something about these events and the public’s reaction has sparked something that we, or at least I,haven’t seen before. It’s exciting and almost indescribable.

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Why do we Love Stereotypes?

Stereotypes are so heavily ingrained in our society that it is almost impossible to escape them and often even harder to avoid perpetuating them. Some of us unconsciously promote negative opinions or feelings towards the people with different genders,sexual orientations, or other races without attempting to actively do so. Most stereotypes were created as a way to dehumanize or humiliate certain aspects about specific groups of people, and while we are able to realize the error in this, somehow we have still allowed these negative depictions to live and thrive throughout several generations.

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