We Don’t Have Bad Style, We’re Just Broke.

So I’m on that kind of college-student, who  supports herself with a low paying part-time job kind of budget. The little money I receive from family helps out with food and toilet paper and things like that. But that doesn’t leave a lot of money for the most important thing! CLOTHES!!

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The Magical World of Thrifting

I’ll go weeks and weeks without buying anything new or changing the way I wear my clothes. After a while, this becomes ridiculously uninspiring and I try to stay indoors to avoid going out in an outfit I don’t like.

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The Last Great Decade?

Being born in 1997 means that for a brief few years, I was gracious enough to be a part of  possibly the best decade in all of the decades. Honestly, the 90’s gave us amazing music, movies(PULP FICTION??PRETTY WOMAN, FRIDAY??) and so much moreUma Thurman in a scene from PULP FICTION, 1994..The only reason why today’s movies can even compare is because of the quality of the special effects. Anyway the most important part of the decade though has to be.. Continue reading “The Last Great Decade?”


Fashion Magazines and Political Correctness

Our society has a weird habit of limiting who can and cannot voice their opinions on issues that we all face. Meaning it’s okay for a politician to speak about police brutality or other racial issues while musicians or actors, etc. are sometimes viewed in a negative light if they do.There’s a cone of silence that exists around certain people or groups that allows them to ignore “sticky” issues that should matter to everyone,but may be awkward to talk about. Which is ridiculous because as American citizens, any issues that some Americans face should be issues that we are all allowed to address,right?

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Why Using Your Voice is so Important

As the fourth of July holiday week came to a close, we were unfortunately gifted with the latest round of unjust police shootings. It’s no longer news when we hear about another unarmed black man being murdered by a police officer.In fact, it happens so often that we fall into a cyclical pattern each time we hear of a new victim. Hashtags, outrage,protests,silence,repeat. Despite the steps that are taken to incite change and reform, we are never given the results we desire, thus continuing on the pattern we are forced to relive every few months or so. However, this time, things feel different. Something about these events and the public’s reaction has sparked something that we, or at least I,haven’t seen before. It’s exciting and almost indescribable.

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The Color of Fashion

I’m kind of in love with fashion. And everything that goes with it, the modeling, the photography, the editorial aspect-everything. But of course I don’t know everything. I’m 18, and style and clothes have been ever-changing and evolving since, well, the dawn of time. That makes it virtually impossible for me to know everything-or anyone for that matter. But in my quest for knowledge about all things fashion and the way things work from the inside, I’ve picked up on a pattern.

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Yes,Representation Matters.

A couple of days ago, I read a story that has stuck with me. The news was about Elaine Welteroth, becoming the new head of Teen Vogue. This is monumental in more ways than one. She’s only 29, making her the youngest of any Conde Nast editor-in chief. She is also a black woman, meaning she’s opening the door for opportunity for the rest of us.

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Why Wearing All Black is Always Better

There’s nothing like putting on a brand new black dress. Or lacing up your trusted pair black leather boots. Placing a new black hat on your head. Or pushing your arms through your favorite weather-beaten black jacket. We love wearing the color black but has anybody ever explained why? If you love clothes and/or dressing up everyday, chances are you’ve sported a sleek all black outfit on a couple of occasions.Even if you think the color is too heavy or only appropriate during colder seasons, you cannot deny how bad ass people look in all black. I know that I am not alone in this.

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Behind the Hair

I’m friends with a lot of people who are very “into” themselves. And if that wasn’t clear, I mean into their appearance. Which actually is fine, because as a person who does her makeup every day and who tries to dress decently every day (and by decently I mean a dress instead of pajamas) I guess I’m really into my appearance as well.

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