It Won’t Matter When I’m Dead

About a month ago, I had this weird existential epiphany experience. Or something.

I watched some documentary that I probably shouldn’t have watched and I was left there frozen for an hour trying to figure out everything.

Everything meaning race and religion and career paths and conspiracies and you know, everything.

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College is hard, why didn’t anyone tell me?

After scrolling down Man Repeller for ages and reading a particularly interesting article by my favorite, I thought “hey I want to write something like that”. Then I thought “wait I have a blog!?”

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5 Things I Learned in High School

In just a few short weeks, a few million kids, sorry-adults, will begin a journey in their lives.


After spending four years transitioning from baby things into baby adults and learning about the world,ourselves and other people, we are finally done pretending like we actually did any of those things. So as a result of the closing of this chapter in our lives I came up with a short list of things we did (and didn’t) learn in, you guessed it…

High School.

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Fighting Yourself,For Yourself

I’m not sure if there are many young adults¬†who are fully aware and/or confident in what they want to do or become in their lives. ¬†There is a lot of pressure on us to become something amazing. Not only financially successful but also creative and charismatic. Charitable and hard-working. This forces a lot of people into choosing between dreams and reality. This is a constant battle that I’ve had with myself. Though, It’s not so much a battle anymore, more of a war at this point. Continue reading “Fighting Yourself,For Yourself”