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The Travel Bug When You’re Broke

I’ve been away for a while. A long while. Partially because of college, work and newspaper. Mainly because I really enjoy sleeping and binge watching. Anyway, I’ve also spent a lot of time organizing and planning a trip that I plan on taking next May. I’m very excited but I want to wait to give more details until I know that everything is concrete.

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Day Trip to Atlanta:Bodies Exhibit and Atlantic Station

A few of the science classes at my school decided to take a trip to the bodies exhibit this week. By a few, I actually mean 7. Biology,Psychology, Anatomy,Physics and chemistry classes all went on the trip and some teachers brought multiple classes.My friends, Christine and Jade, were my companions for the day and we managed to have a lot of fun eating frozen yogurt and studying dead bodies.

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Day Trip to Atlanta/Spelman Tour

I’m entering my senior year in High School and I’ll be applying to college soon. like about a month and a half. So in narrowing down my options, I’ve decided that Spelman is my number one choice. And since it’s in Atlanta which is only half an hour away from where I live, I made an appointment this past Friday to visit as soon as I was sure I wanted to go.

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Day Trip To Buckhead

Okay so I guess you can say the city I’m from is considered (for lack of a better word) boring,its suburban which isn’t bad, it just isn’t me. But anyway I always love going to Downtown Atlanta and to Buckhead to gawk at the beautiful shops and eat the amazing food because I get bored very quickly. The city is so spirited and there’s so many different people, I love it. So this past weekend I went to the Atlanta History Museum and Swan House which is a historic site in Buckhead.

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