Finding Your Home-Afropunk 2017

Nestled in an obscure corner, hidden in the heart of Atlanta is 787 Windsor St. The venue, a former steam boiler manufacturing facility has been reclaimed and turned into a beautiful collection of pipes, metal, concrete, artwork and life. This year the venue was the location of Afropunk’s Carnival of Consciousness in Atlanta.

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I Shut Up and Went.

My favorite travel bloggers , Jo Franco and Damon Dominique, were responsible for awakening the travel bug in me that had been dormant for years. As a kid, I was drawn to exploration and travel but my modest upbringing meant that I could never actually go anywhere. In high-school, I fell into one of those YouTube holes where you watch one video and then end up somewhere completely differently hours later. That’s where I found DamonandJo.

The duo were broke just like me and emphasized ways to travel while on a budget and while facing other constraints as well. Years later, I’m still a super fan of Damon and Jo and recently submitted an anecdotal story about my travels to their We Fly High series.

You can read all about it on their website here!


What I Learned in China About Blackness

Okay, first and foremost, this was my first ever trip abroad and I was well aware of the major cultural differences between America and Asian countries before embarking on this one. Having said that, I still don’t know if I was completely prepared for it all.

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Where I Actually Want to be.

I woke up today and, against my better judgement, started scrolling down social media sites on my phone. I have a ton of photos and videos from my China trip that I have never posted and decided to post one. After doing that, I spent another half hour looking at each photo and video and reminiscing on the experience. I learned two things; the first being that I absolutely loved being there and would do just about anything to go back to China right now and that travelling is probably the most important thing to me.

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The World is so Much Bigger Than Me

China was a beautiful inspiration in so many different ways and it was an experience that I wish to have over and over until I no longer can. I’ve had a thirst for discovery and knowledge and other cultures for as long as I could remember but I’d never had a chance to actually act on any of this and experience them. China gave me that chance and I am eternally grateful for it.

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The Travel Bug When You’re Broke

I’ve been away for a while. A long while. Partially because of college, work and newspaper. Mainly because I really enjoy sleeping and binge watching. Anyway, I’ve also spent a lot of time organizing and planning a trip that I plan on taking next May. I’m very excited but I want to wait to give more details until I know that everything is concrete.

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Day Trip to Atlanta:Bodies Exhibit and Atlantic Station

A few of the science classes at my school decided to take a trip to the bodies exhibit this week. By a few, I actually mean 7. Biology,Psychology, Anatomy,Physics and chemistry classes all went on the trip and some teachers brought multiple classes.My friends, Christine and Jade, were my companions for the day and we managed to have a lot of fun eating frozen yogurt and studying dead bodies.

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Day Trip to Atlanta/Spelman Tour

I’m entering my senior year in High School and I’ll be applying to college soon. like about a month and a half. So in narrowing down my options, I’ve decided that Spelman is my number one choice. And since it’s in Atlanta which is only half an hour away from where I live, I made an appointment this past Friday to visit as soon as I was sure I wanted to go.

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