We Don’t Have Bad Style, We’re Just Broke.

So I’m on that kind of college-student, who  supports herself with a low paying part-time job kind of budget. The little money I receive from family helps out with food and toilet paper and things like that. But that doesn’t leave a lot of money for the most important thing! CLOTHES!!

Okay so clothes obviously aren’t the most important aspect of my life right now. But I love the energy and the excitement that I get when I put on something that I love. I love the feeling of thrifting and finding treasure after treasure and knowing that I probably won’t ever see anyone with the pieces that I have. Especially arranged in the way that I have put them together.

I don’t dress very immaculately; this may be as a result of me being broke or the fact that I’m extremely lazy. I’m sure it’s a combination of both. But even if my financial status greatly increased, I don’t know that I’d ever stop thrifting. Once you buy a great piece for  $5, regularly priced items seem like a scam. When I shop in stores that aren’t thrift, I feel like the prices are expensive. Even if it’s a pair of jeans for $25, I’ll think I’m being robbed. When in reality jeans for that price are cheaaap.

Something like this:


Is what I usually wear on average day. Although because Atlanta is so hot, sweatshirts don’t usually see the light of day until the fall. My jeans were probably less than $10 from a thrift store. My pullover, which I’ve had for years came from a walmart and was also probably under $10. My shoes, $8 at Plato’s closet.

This one:


is also another gem from instagram. And also mostly thrifted items. My cami is from forever 21 and it’s only $2. My jeans are from goodwill and couldn’t have costed more than $11.

Bottom line is that I love dressing simply and cheaply. If my financial situation were to suddenly change and I could afford to spend copious amounts of money on more material items like clothes then of OF COURSE I WOULD. Only kidding, but even if I had financial freedom to spend however much I wanted, I would probably still like to thrift.

Only when you become super rich, an item is no longer thrifted, it becomes “vintage”. That word makes me laugh too much. But anyway, my “vintage” items would still be staples in my wardrobe I think. Because I feel like style is more than “fast-fashion” or grabbing whatever is trendy and just going with it.

It’s about finding beautiful and unique items that speak to you and that have the ability to evoke something about your personality. Most people have a sense of personal style, they just don’t have the access(AKA funds) to support that style. In other words, for the most part, none of us are truly lacking style. We’re just too broke to express that style in its purest form.


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