I Don’t Want to be a Doctor, so What. 

Creative careers are not new. We’ve always had artists. Writers and photographers (for the past century or so), play-writes, actors. So on and so forth. Yeah, none of this is new to our society. So why is it that we struggle with accepting people who want to embark on a creative career path?

For a really long time, I wouldn’t tell people that I wanted to be a writer. Because the looks were always ones of pity or humor or disbelief. This is still so strange to me because we have no problem consuming art as entertainment but many of us fail to realize that in order to watch the trendy new movie or read the new cult favorite book someone has to create it. 

If we shame every person who forgoes becoming a doctor or dentist or lawyer or bank teller (all very noble paths by the way) we won’t have anyone to create the beautiful masterpieces that allow us our temporary escape from our realities. Well I wouldn’t say shaming us will completely eliminate our will to create. We thrive on pressure and inspiration from society in order to reflect it and subsequently showcase our work to the world. But that doesn’t mean berating creatives is okay.

There are countless examples from pop culture to reflect our incessant desire to suppress people who opt for creativity over science or medicine or law. The black sheep of the nuclear family who has always been “a little different” who dropped out of college to join a band or write a book or explore photography is so common that it is an archetype in film and television now. But my question is a loud, resounding why. 

Why are certain societies so inclined to force us into fitting into a specific mold. Welll…

When we have free reign to use our minds to really examine our world and interpret everything we see and hear and then relay this to other people, through our desired medium, the results can be, well, kind of ambiguous. And this is why we aren’t so comfortable with allowing creatives to have free reign.

This is frightening for a lot of people because accepting the established norm with no question can be much simpler and more comforting. Accepting a career that relies less on your heart and intuition and more on logic and science is possibly more comforting as well.

We will always need doctors and lawyers. Teachers and scientists are essential. These people are important we need them to live and there’s no doubting that.

But could you imagine life without our artists here to entertain, teach, inspire and in some cases heal us?

Of course not!


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