Creativity and How to Save The World

Since the dawn of human existence, there’s always been a few facts that are undeniably true about the world and the way it operates. One being that cis-het white men have an advantage over every other type of person on the planet. Its disgusting and discouraging. Knowing that for each hour of work you have to put in to achieve something, the white guy around the corner put in 5 minutes. That even if you are qualified, over qualified even, you may not get a job simply because of something you can’t control. When you throw generational wealth into the mix, the formula becomes even more deadly. The privilege becomes more overbearing.

So Donald Trump is president. Not mine, but someone’s. We know the terrible implications of this so I’m not going to hash it out anymore. Instead I want to focus on what this means. Trump, a rich straight white male is the pinnacle of privilege. He’s grossly unqualified and unprepared to take this office, but alas he is there. His election emboldened an entirely new generation of straight white guys who now feel as if their ability to do and say and become whatever they want has been validated tenfold. This is tragic but it’s not the end of the world.

Navigating in a world that favors few and overlooks the majority is daunting, of course. Privilege sucks when you don’t have it. It sucks when it stands in your way inhibiting your ability to create or to exist.

Creatives thrive under conditions like these. Beauty and art become a coping mechanism when society bears it’s ugly and unforgiving teeth. I’m not excited about spending the next four years( and probably next decade) being saddened by the atrocities of the worst forms of humanity. But I am excited about the cultural and artistic significance this time wil have on us and generations after.


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