body positivity

The Pretty Myth

How can one be satisfied with themselves and their day to day life if they don’t feel pretty? Well why do they have to feel pretty in the first place? How can you teach yourself to stop caring about being pretty? Should you?

Okay okay, all very important questions. With answers that will differ for every individual. But I think the first is the most interesting.

Mainly because we are constantly bombarded with images and rules and guidelines that tell us exactly how to be pretty and who is allowed to be. Now, some of these standards are so ingrained into society that most people unconsciously follow them without realizing it. That’s unfair. For everyone involved. Because if you’re unaware that you’re a part of perpetuating a negative system, how can you effectively move to end it. Well you probably can’t, unless you take the time, like a lot of people in my generation are starting to do, to research and try to dissect the myths and rules that you’ve lived by your entire life.

Okay so standing on your soap box and shouting to the masses about how they’ve got it all wrong may not be it for you. But you’re still unhappy. You still don’t feel pretty. Ditch the soap box and start with yourself first. You see that only certain people are given special attention for being pretty. That even though you tried and failed, you just won’t look like that. So all you have left now is reality. And the reality is, is that you shouldn’t have to conform to someone else’s standards to feel pretty.

Reality is good. Reality will lead you down that difficult road to acceptance. It’s hard but it’s a journey you’ll have to take. And I think once you reach the end you’ll understand why.

The best part is that once you get there and understand the pretty myth, how meaningless it is and how important you actually are, the word loses its magnitude.

And you can finally be pretty. On your own terms of course.


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