The Magical World of Thrifting

I’ll go weeks and weeks without buying anything new or changing the way I wear my clothes. After a while, this becomes ridiculously uninspiring and I try to stay indoors to avoid going out in an outfit I don’t like.

That doesn’t work. I’m a human with responsibilities and stuff, I have to leave my house sometimes.

In an effort to get out of my decent-and-slightly-different-from-yesterday rut, I decided to go thrifting. (Someone in the back cheers)

Okay and a month and a half later I actually went and did it.

Anyway, it was perfect as usual. I bought some stuff that’s way too small, as per usual. And some stuff that is way too big, as per usual. But 90% of what I purchased fit and is perfect and waiting to be cut and dyed and sewed and destroyed. All for the sake of self expression!

But anyway, that’s what this post was mainly about. Figuring out how to accurately express myself through the clothes I buy. And then going a step further and trying to figure out how to pair all the peculiar items to create something worthy of my effort.

In finding ways to wear clothes that flatter my body but don’t show you ever little piece of it (cuz that’s just not my style, but if it’s yours more power to ya) I’ve discovered that my favorite and most flattering pieces tend to come from thrifting.

And that’s why I think it’s magical. Discovering things that are perfect for you (with minor cuts here and there of course) that already have a history and a story is so cool.

It’s something about adaptability and creativity. And expression and confidence and I love that browsing through the dusty garments of someone else’s past allow me to feel those things.


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