Too Weird?

I absolutely love the funny looks I get from my family when I wear something, “weird”. And to be quite honest, I don’t actually dress too out of the box,
well not on an average day.

My aunt is my favorite person to see when I have on something exciting because she always hates it and just sighs and changes the subject. My mom will usually respond with something like “cool dude” (I am not exaggerating) and my friends usually won’t say anything directly unless I ask. I am usually met with a “that’s so cute” accompanied with a nervous look as if they’re afraid I will be offended if they say they don’t like what I’m wearing.

It’s completely fine, on my days where I feel like I really need to express myself with my clothes, things can get very messy and not everyone will understand what I am trying to convey. And they shouldn’t.

Today I wore something simple. Or at least by  I thought so.A gray knit sweater that I never wear because it is so scratchy. It’s the itchiest thing I own. But I also never wear it because it’s really simple and boring, so I cut off the collar and cut off the bottom to make it crop-top and wore it over a men’s button down from Forever 21. With my favorite baggy pair of jeans that I’ve cut and re-sewn and cuffed and cut some more because I can’t make another pair like it. And finally with my red Keds that have a new mysterious stain on them that I have yet to try to clean off. Whatever they’re my everything.

My aunt saw me and looked so upset I actually laughed. She looked away and said “What is that?” And I said “What? It’s cool!”
Yeah, it’s cool.


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