Working Just for the Sake of Working?

Sometimes I catch myself and realize that I’m falling into a cycle. A bad one.

All of the adults in my life are always telling me to save my money. And I do, but then I always think why? The idea of saving money just for the sake of having an extra security cushion is so odd to me. I don’t know why. Because logically it makes all the sense. For some reason, I feel like if I’m not saving money with a set goal in mind (an expensive pair of shoes, new phone, vacation or something) the whole concept seems purposeless.

I know this is terrible. I’ll have to become a responsible, independent adult very soon so I should get with the saving thing very quickly.

The saving thing is directly related to working just for the sake of doing so. Working just to pay bills. Working just to exist. But not working to live. Let me explain better; for the longest time, I’ve always thought that when I grew up and started my “career” or whatever I’d want to have enough money to experience life the way I wanted to. Whether that be travelling or reading books all day. Not working just to pay bills and come home tired and sad constantly complaining about how miserable I am.

I see myself slowly falling into that cycle now. Of course I go to school and I find time to do things that I like doing. But I feel like besides working to pay for my phone, my car and food- I’m not benefiting from working. I want to be able to use the money I earn on experiences and it’s extremely frustrating because unless you’re inherently wealthy, that can be very difficult to do.

So after I finish paying for the trip that I’m taking next May, I think I should get with the saving thing. But instead of putting money away for unexpected emergencies, I’ll put it away for experiences. That incentive will probably help me save more anyway.


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