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The Travel Bug When You’re Broke

I’ve been away for a while. A long while. Partially because of college, work and newspaper. Mainly because I really enjoy sleeping and binge watching. Anyway, I’ve also spent a lot of time organizing and planning a trip that I plan on taking next May. I’m very excited but I want to wait to give more details until I know that everything is concrete.

I had a phone call with a friend of mine who also plans on going on the trip and we discussed travel and our extreme wanderlust. This wasn’t our first conversation on the topic. Most of our conversations end up circling their way back to something involving traveling. We take this as a sign.

We joke about how being broke college students hinders our ability to explore, when in reality most universities offer amazing study abroad programs. And we usually mention that we plan on taking advantage of the study abroad programs as often as we can afford to.

This time we discussed our travel bucket lists and I said something along the lines of, “I want to see Thailand, Paris, London and India and if I don’t I will probably feel like I haven’t accomplished anything in life.” I laughed about it and then said something like,”That’s so depressing.” Which, of course it is. I don’t want to wake up in 20 or so years feeling upset and as if I haven’t accomplished anything because I haven’t traveled but I also know that it’s important to set and achieve goals. Especially if the goals pertain to a fundamental aspect of who you are.

Over the past week or two I’ve been thinking about the gap year that I should have, but definitely didn’t even consider taking. I knew without a doubt that I would be going to college, so I applied and enrolled straight out of high school like millions of other people do every year.

I was really excited about starting college because I kept thinking that it would be my opportunity to “learn about the world, other cultures, and meet a diverse group of young, creative people”. Straight off of the college brochure. I’m kidding. But seriously, most of the things that I hope to achieve during my university stint could probably be achieved in the real world going from country to country. Whatever.

It wasn’t even something that I had considered doing because of time, money, or [insert excuse here]. I realize it’s too late now. I can’t take a gap year in between the four years I have just signed up for, so I will have to satisfy my thirst for traveling on study abroad trips or during breaks.

And pull the money to do so out of the air. Or the money trees that grow in the backyard. Yes, of course! Why didn’t I think of this sooner?


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