body positivity

‘#nofilter’ and society’s expectations. 

Do we consider excessive photo shopping of ones images on social media a manifestation of narcissism or one of  self-hate?
Think about it for a second. I’m sure we all know at least one person who devotes a great amount of their time to altering photos of them self before sending it out into the world. If you don’t, good for you. But if we all know a person who does this, have we considered why they do it.

In high school, I knew a girl who had several apps on her phone devoted to improving the way her photos looked. Each with a specific purpose because apparently the fat shrinker on some is better than on others. Whatever.  By the time she finished her virtual nip and tuck, she would be almost unrecognizable.

But it made her feel beautiful, I’m assuming, so I never said anything. It always struck me as weird that she was so committed to editing her photos. I just assumed she was ridiculously narcissistic because why else would you waste your time like that right?

Okay so lets say that she wasn’t doing it because she thought so highly of herself, but perhaps the exact opposite. Society forces beauty standards onto everyone, especially young women. So it’s no surprise that a teenage girl is willing to pay for an app that will clear up her skin, erase dark circles, or get rid of unwanted fat in places where the masses have decided is unnecessary or gross.

The answer varies from person to person. There’s a lot of theories and reasons why a person would do this. But either way, it stems back to a societal issue.Babies don’t come out of the womb criticizing themselves.

People are only self-conscious about their image when they are constantly being compared to something that is considered ‘better’ or ‘more desireable’.

Or maybe people photo shop simply because they like the way it makes them look and they are under no pressure from society to look a certain way.

Whatever who cares what I think right?


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