College is hard, why didn’t anyone tell me?

After scrolling down Man Repeller for ages and reading a particularly interesting article by my favorite, I thought “hey I want to write something like that”. Then I thought “wait I have a blog!?”

I’m not neglecting my responsibilities, in fact the only reason why I have been AWOL is because I have taken on a ridiculous amount of added responsibility at school and work.

So college is actually pretty time-consuming. No one told me. Okay, everyone told me. But I don’t think I’m the only person that didn’t really believe it would be as hard as everyone said.

After receiving an 85 on a paper that I work semi hard on, my feelings were hurt and I thought I was gonna drop out because I never received anything below an A on my English papers in high school.

I didn’t drop out. But I did join the newspaper at my school. Which was also way more work than I was expecting.

In the orientation days before we officially joined, the editor-in chief told us that it wouldn’t be easy and that it was basically another job.

I took that as “okay this will be easy”. It was not. But I still love it anyway. After we did practice articles, my editor sent mine back to me with things like ‘this is not an essay’ in the comments.

My mind read that as “this sucks, you suck.” and after a couple of seconds of deep breathing and staring at my computer screen I finally finished the edits.

I’m still working out the kinks to this newspaper thing. There are so many little things that I have to remember about writing and being a staff member and the transition is well, it’s happening.

But I have it easier than others. One of my best friends is hundreds of miles from her family and extremely homesick. A couple of my classmates are battling serious issues regarding paying for their education.

So it’s not all bad. In fact it’s not even half way or a quarter bad.

In addition to not having time to blog, I haven’t had time to journal. Which sucks because journaling was my way to decompress or talk about my ridiculously scary nightmares (I have to write about the Adam Sandler one).

And after being at school at day and sometimes working or writing an article for hours, I have no time to journal. I would fall asleep and accidentally stab myself with my pen or something.

So I should definitely try to squeeze these things back into my schedule right? Yeah I thought so too. See you later.



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