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The Last Great Decade?

Being born in 1997 means that for a brief few years, I was gracious enough to be a part of  possibly the best decade in all of the decades. Honestly, the 90’s gave us amazing music, movies(PULP FICTION??PRETTY WOMAN, FRIDAY??) and so much moreUma Thurman in a scene from PULP FICTION, 1994..The only reason why today’s movies can even compare is because of the quality of the special effects. Anyway the most important part of the decade though has to be..


That grunge-y, flanneled, platform shoed, tiny tweezed eyebrowed, hair-clipped, super-modeled, baggy-jeaned span of 10 years was, sigh,perfect. My biggest regret in life is that I wasn’t born 10 to 15 years earlier so I could experience it first hand. And because my mother decided that having kids in high school would be too hard on a teenager or too early or something, I’m just gonna have to live with it I guess! I’essence-fashion-flashback-tlc-90s-style-7_347x520m still gonna spend copious amounts of time pondering what my closet would have looked like if I were older than 3 back then

.Okay but seriously, if you’re still doubting the influence of the 90’s think about it this way, almost every trend  has come back because the world just didn’t get enough the first time. Even the movies and t.v shows are getting reboots because we were still obsessed two decades later. Alright but let’s talk about the fashion for a minute.

THE BRAIDS?:download (8)

Okay, Janet Jackson made box braids the hairstyle among black women. They look amazing, and they’re still extremely popular today. I’ve gotten my hair braided over 5 times in the past 3 years. It’s probably one of the best hairstyle trends to exist and because they’re so versatile and stylish we probably won’t ever get tired of it.


Cher, Dionne and company were style icons. The first time I watched the movie, I sat there speechless because I was so infatuated with everything about it. Their clothes being the main selling factor for me,Cher’s ridiculous narration was pretty influential too though. 


I watched it again with a friend and we spent the whole time discussing which outfits were our favorites while ignoring the plot(someone got married right?) and wishing that our closets were full of the things that we’re seeing on the screen. 



The movie is the quintessential example of high school during the greatest era of all time. It’s the Mean Girls of the 90’s except everything and everyone is better and we don’t have to waste so much time worrying about Cady’s parents. Instead we get an hour and 40 minutes of watching a teenager con her way into good grades, learn how not to drive, and fall in love with a guy who’s definitely, maybe,6e97cb40-9902-0132-44a4-0ebc4eccb42f.gif technically her brother? Whatever, it’s cinematic gold. 




Yeah I’m not even gonna touch this one, we know this entire decade was a beautiful cinematic experience.


When someone mentions super model, your mind is probably gonna pull images of Linda Evangalista, Naomi Campbell or Kate Moss or Christy Turlington, to name a few. 379341dec79ed072bb12accfccb471d5dd3bc2c68da2204a0b58ef3bde0c6336

Honestly wow, take a moment of silence and look at them. Anyway, the 90’s was great because the models were back. Taking magazine covers, ad campaigns and men(lol) from actors and singers. They were like a tight-knit group of friends that we all wanted to be a part of but c’mon they’re supermodels we couldn’t be in their club! It’s greadownload (10)t because they were able to cement themselves as household names decades before social media.People were interested in everything about them and their lives before we could literally stalk and learn everything about them with our fingertips.


Grunge,rap,girl groups/boy bands,r&B need I say more?

I guess it doesn’t actually matter which parts of the 90’s were better than the others. I feel like the world has already reached a general consensus that it was, in fact, the last great decade. Maybe twenty years from now we’ll sit around and talk about how great the 2010’s were??Okay I can’t even type that with a straight face, we know the 90’s were everything.




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