5 Things I Learned in High School

In just a few short weeks, a few million kids, sorry-adults, will begin a journey in their lives.


After spending four years transitioning from baby things into baby adults and learning about the world,ourselves and other people, we are finally done pretending like we actually did any of those things. So as a result of the closing of this chapter in our lives I came up with a short list of things we did (and didn’t) learn in, you guessed it…

High School.

No One Knows What They Are Doing

Okay so with the exception of a couple of over-achievers, for the most part none of us knew what the hell was going on. Meaning, sure we may have had ideas about what kind of career we wanted but no one had a definitive plan of action yet. Silly me, because for a long time, I was under the impression that everyone else knew what they were doing and I was the odd one out without a clue. And if you knew someone who had their life mapped out in front of them and knew every step then that person was weird and I bet  they were lying.

You May Not Meet Your Best Friend 

By now, a lot of us may have already realized that the only reason we socialized with certain people was because we saw them five times a week. If middle school was for being friends with everyone, then high school was about nailing down a tight circle of friends. Even if you didn’t have a ton in common with those people, they were your friends, because high school! I did become close to a few people who I will definitely try to remain close with in college but for the most part, I have no plans on communicating with anyone from my graduating class ever.

Your Grades Don’t Matter

This one is a little tough because yes, grades are important and you need semi-decent ones in order to get into college, but also beyond college no one cares. I realized this around junior year and it was both the best and the worst thing that happened to me. I stopped putting in more than the bare minimum in every class. Causing me to fail a math class, but still manage to get A’s in my favorite courses. This realization also alleviated a ton of unnecessary stress and allowed me to realize that I shouldn’t be using words like stress because there was no way I actually knew anything about it yet.

It Is Just Like The Movies

We try really, really hard to act as if the media portrayals of us are stupid but they are pretty accurate sometimes. This was something I definitely never thought of during the past four years but it’s very apparent to me now. We back stabbed our friends just as much as t.v said we did, we lied to each other, our parents, teachers. Oh yeah, t.v got it right most of the time. Except the parts with the stalkers and the serial killers who murdered friends and family members, yeah definitely not that.

Our Problems Are Real, And Temporary

Every fight we had with a friend or disagreement with a teacher seemed like it lasted an eternity. Looking back though, we probably can’t even remember the sources of all the fights. Yeah sure, while they are happening they can be a huge source of anger or discomfort but looking back in retrospect those problems were small ones that were over sooner than we thought. I remember having issues with friends and thinking that it was the final straw, that we would never speak again and that it was all over and coming back to school the next Monday and carrying on as if nothing had ever happened. This doesn’t only relate to arguments though, for the most part all of our problems in high school are temporary things that can be cured with a good meal and some sleep.

Honestly, I can’t say that I didn’t learn anything useful in High School. Although no one I know is waiting around to discuss the themes of Othello or quadratic equations with me, so clearly we wasted a lot of time. But anyway, sure we did get some useful information. However, the most important and relevant information I received often came from observations and just plain old people watching. We learn a lot in school but for the most part, it’s usually stuff we never thought we’d learn.Not to sound cliché, but come on they exist for a reason, right?


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