Fighting Yourself,For Yourself

I’m not sure if there are many young adults who are fully aware and/or confident in what they want to do or become in their lives.  There is a lot of pressure on us to become something amazing. Not only financially successful but also creative and charismatic. Charitable and hard-working. This forces a lot of people into choosing between dreams and reality. This is a constant battle that I’ve had with myself. Though, It’s not so much a battle anymore, more of a war at this point.
I’ve gone back and forth between different career paths that I’m not necessarily passionate about, but I felt that I could be successful in. But I’d always second guess myself and constantly worry about the decisions I was making. Every time I said, “Okay I’ll be a nurse” or “I’ll make a great physical therapist”, I knew that I would never be fully happy doing either of those things.I finally gave up fighting against myself and decided to just pursue what I want. To do what I want, enjoy what I’m doing. Allow myself to dream and to create the guidelines as I go along, my war with myself ultimately ended in a cease-fire.However, I’m still young. I can opt to change my mind at any time, nothing is set in stone, which is kind of the beauty of the whole situation.
I know it’s not possible for everyone to do that, it-somereally on dreams and whims instead of strict rules and an outlined some people aren’t wired that way. However, there is freedom in choosing to embark on a path to becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be. Doing and seeing all of the things you’ve wanted to experience.It sounds incredibly cliché, right? To say “follow you dreams” or “shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars”. It’s not only cliche, it’s a little cheesy. But you have to admit it’s a little true.
I can’t imagine a world where I became a doctor or an engineer or something like that. Granted, those careers are extremely important and necessary for our society’s survival, but they just aren’t for me. Although making a more than decent amount of money wouldn’t be something I’d complain about. I couldn’t live knowing I’d essentially given up on becoming a better version of myself. The version of myself I was born to be.
I don’t think people should have to live with that. But it happens everyday, people choosing money and stability over their dream jobs or dream life. I understand, some people have no choice. Especially those who have faced a great deal of adversity; sometimes you’re just tired and want to find the easiest way out of your situation. There’s no fault in that.
I’m only 18, I’m not a success story telling you to follow your dreams because it worked out for me or anything like that. I’m simply a sarcastic, pessimistic teenager who is surprisingly optimistic when it deals with my future. I have no idea how my life will go, I don’t know if chasing after my dreams will turn my reality into one worth living. But I know I couldn’t remain true to myself while giving up before I’d even attempted to try. 


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