Why Wearing All Black is Always Better

There’s nothing like putting on a brand new black dress. Or lacing up your trusted pair black leather boots. Placing a new black hat on your head. Or pushing your arms through your favorite weather-beaten black jacket. We love wearing the color black but has anybody ever explained why? If you love clothes and/or dressing up everyday, chances are you’ve sported a sleek all black outfit on a couple of occasions.Even if you think the color is too heavy or only appropriate during colder seasons, you cannot deny how bad ass people look in all black. I know that I am not alone in this.

Black converse are a staple

For me, wearing black all the time exudes confidence , as well as mystery. There’s no other way to put it, I just feel cool. Ironically, in the summer I am the exact opposite of cool. Georgia is hot. Georgia is very, very hot in the summer time. I don’t mind it though, for the most part. Black shorts are still cute, t-shirts still work. If you are lucky enough to live somewhere and be able to comfortably wear black year-round, congratulations. You have achieved a personal goal of mine.

One of my favorite things about dressing in all black is that connotation that you’re “Gothic” or “scary”. This is even more true for girls like me who love dark makeup and a dramatic cat-eye. I’m not Gothic, I just think it looks cool. People stare at you a little and it’s actually quite fun.


I believe EVERYONE looks great in black. Guys look amazing in all black suits, in fact if I ever get married I will insist my husband wears one. Every girl has a trusty pair of go-to black jeans and most have their favorite little black dress that they adore. I mean you really cannot go wrong by filling your wardrobe with this color.

I’m the last person to dictate what and what not to wear. My outfit choices are heavily influenced by my mood and my bank account.Which both increase and decrease sporadically. But I know I feel the most confident, independent,beautiful and comfortable when I’m dressed in all black and that’s what is most important when you’re expressing your personal style. It’s a thing, it’s an awesome thing that you need to be a part of if you aren’t already.


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