Day Trip to Atlanta:Bodies Exhibit and Atlantic Station

A few of the science classes at my school decided to take a trip to the bodies exhibit this week. By a few, I actually mean 7. Biology,Psychology, Anatomy,Physics and chemistry classes all went on the trip and some teachers brought multiple classes.My friends, Christine and Jade, were my companions for the day and we managed to have a lot of fun eating frozen yogurt and studying dead bodies.

The exhibition features actual human bodies, and isolated parts of them, which go through a lengthy process to become what they are now.I do not remember the details but it’s cool and creepy at the same time so I was really into it. The only downside,although a major one for me, was that we were not allowed to take any photos or have our phones out at all. I completely understand why so I didn’t complain but photos would have been great.(Jade snapped  a few anyway). The actual exhibition was not as long as I thought it would be, although it’s location, which was on top of another building not very large in size, suggested that it would not be very large. Because there were multiple schools doing field trips today, the museum was VERY busy and crowded. This made it difficult to see much of anything and after half an hour or so we wandered outside of the museum. If you every go to the exhibition, pray there are now class field trips that day. I thought it was super informative and I’d love to go back and subtract about 100 people. Just in case I am not being redundant enough, it was VERY crowded today!

I do not condone Jade’s rule breaking
After exiting, we found ourselves struggling to decide what to do next. We still had about 25 minutes until restaurants would be opening and about a 2 hour window until we had to be back on the buses. We decided to just go explore, I mean we were in Atlantic Station.

The matching colors and the gloomy wheather is so aesthetically pleasing here
We went into a couple of stores but bought nothing because the life of an unemployed teenager is rough! I had a craving for chicken tenders, as I always do,so we went to go wait in line for a restaurant that Christine said served them.We waited in line for the doors to open, as it was past the time for the place to open, but they didn’t. We went somewhere else and I finally got my expensive  chicken tenders.

Christine also recommended an Ice Cream shop called Kilwin’s, after eating we decided to go there. We made a quick detour because Jade wanted cookies and it took her around 10 minutes to decide which ones she wanted. Seriously. Another customer came and went in the time we spent staring at cookies. When we finally got to Kilwin’s there were about 40 people there, singing karaoke and making it virtually impossible to get to the counter.Again, there were TOO many people on the field trip! We left and got very inexpensive frozen yogurt instead,which I was and still am very happy about.

After finishing dessert we had an interesting encounter with a vending machine.(Seriously why is everything so expensive). While Jade struggled with inserting coins in the machine,  I stood by taking photos of myself and people watching while Christine both assisted Jade and me with my pictures.Very full,very tired and very broke, we listlessly walked back to the buses and started the sad journey back to school.

Ignore my face,please.

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