The Black Girl Sisterhood.

Being a black girl in today’s world is like being a part of a sisterhood. A secret society of women who prosper together,despite the stereotypes and negative expectations that society places on them.To excel as a black girl in this world is to be a part of something far greater than an individual. It’s being a member of a faction that is constantly growing and glowing, becoming stronger and more educated everyday.

Black women have endured many trials but have still managed to blossom. Society has placed them at the bottom of the totem pole, at the end of line. However,we defy society’s rules the same way our curls defy gravity. With sideways glances out of perfectly lined eyes and nonchalant giggles emitting from  full lipsticked lips, people shudder from witnessing such elegance. The mocking, the jeering, the yelling and the ignorance no longer affects the black girl because her power,which she gains from the shores of her homeland, is greater.

After generations of remaining relatively silent and observant, our season has finally arrived. Black women have risen to their potential, much to the chagrin of those who would benefit from us being held back. As the most educated group of people in the nation, we have become the example of overcoming systematic  oppression. The sun, which we thrive on, is beginning to shine brighter on our future and our lives. Yes,our season has finally arrived.

My heart swells when I remember that I am a black woman. Since I am expected to fail, each triumph only makes me smile wider, makes my eyes brighter. I’ve never felt a greater sense of pride when reflecting on who I am and who my sisters are. Beautiful,educated,ingenious,irreplaceable, authentic. To name a few things that we have always been told we are not.

All of these things and more, we are. Prosper,thrive, grow, glow and shine we will.


4 thoughts on “The Black Girl Sisterhood.”

  1. This just screams Black Girl Magic! I love this! I definitely feel like I’m part of something so much bigger than myself. I love that black women are owning their elegance and beauty! It’s so important we love us before we can expect others to do it. Good post!

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