More Than Words

It’s a love of language and poetry and the inexplicable feeling one receives from reading or hearing something remarkable. From creating something remarkable. There are no words that could adequately capture or completely encapsulate the experience I receive once I realize I’ve stumbled across a work of art.

The rush you feel when you know you’ve discovered something that will have a lasting impact on you for the remainder of your existence; Whether it be a soulful lyric of a song beloved by generations before yours that speaks to you on an unfathomable level or a sentence in a piece of literature that is so poetic that it too sings to you. That dances off the page and into your heart where it’s message begins to lace it’s fingers through you, eternally cycling through your body. Through your brain where you analyze the meanings of the words that scream to you and back down to your heart where you fall in love with them all over again. And so it continues on and on, never ceasing.

This magnitude of artistry is a gift, as is the privilege of observing it. The opportunity is something to be cherished, as it does not arise often and is just as often taken for granted.The nonsensical individual is one who fails to recognize the beauty as it unfolds before him and is therefore left in the dark both in life and death. Our greatest shortcoming is our inability to properly appreciate an extraordinary individual until they are no longer around to breath more magnificence into the universe.

Some simply never experience the life-changing moment of falling in love with something intangible. It may even be an inconceivable concept for most to grasp. Discovering substance and value in mere words may never happen for some.

My first and last love were and will be words.


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