musings, poetry


They say keep your mouth shut

Don’t speak, don’t think

They say they know what’s best

Because they always have

Because they always will.


They tell you to look the other way

Because what’s right does not matter

Even if you see it,even though you know it to be true

Because they control what we see

When we see it and how we see it.

Ultimate power;hidden in plain sight.


They tell us when to act

When to feel rage, when to feel placidity

Our opinions are formed before we know what to think

Because it is how they secure the upper hand

Because it is how they remain in control


As long as our minds belong to them

As long as our words are stolen and distorted;

Our beliefs and values robbed and contorted,

Our mouths remain shut along with our eyes

Along with our ears

They gain from this weakness, profit off of our fears.



Our minds belong to us;

We speak freely because we can

Our eyes are open, observing.

Our ears are open,listening.

We sit and wait until the time is right.

Patiently waiting,silently hoping.



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