musings, poetry

I Love my Skin, Why Don’t You?

When looking at myself I see beauty, I see grace

That cannot be imitated.

Nature favors me,

As evident by the suns rays which bestow a warm glow upon my face.

I love my skin, Oshun smiles down upon me because she loves it too.

I have pride in myself, but why don’t you?


When looking at myself, I can’t help but smile-

As I think about where I have been and where I am going.

You look at me,my family, my history, my grace and my beauty,

but still feel superior.

Incorrect,friend, how wrong how vain and oh so vile.

I understand this world, our twisted protectors in blue.

I want to amend it though, why don’t you?


How different it would all be, if my predecessors were like you.

If they accepted being lesser, didn’t refuse to abandon their roots.

Their strife has allowed me to rise, given me a chance to subdue.

I live with gratitude  because I know my words to be true.

Friend, I love who I will become. Tell me,why don’t you?


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