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Independence Day

Americans are spoiled,we are often very ignorant and always unable to accept that we are wrong. The only opinion that matters is the most popular, and we can never really get anything done because everyone has a different opinion. Somewhere along the line, the idea of independence started to bounce around. Since then, people have become drunk off the idea of it. Using independence to justify racism,both blatantly and institutionally and as an excuse for not changing anything.

Virtually any person can walk into a shop and purchase a gun. Laws have done nothing, and will continue to do nothing because no one will change anything. While there are politicians and businessmen who profit off of violence and war, there will never be any repeal, any improvement made.

The 2nd amendment allows us to bear arms. It gives us the right to possess and purchase instruments used to take the lives other humans. No one has this right. However, the American people, because of a law that was created centuries ago by people who did not and could not forsee that the condition of this great nation would be in turmoil, believe that they do.

We Americans have worked hard to establish ourselves as a world power. We’ll defeat any invader, any foreign threat. But when the threat lives right at home, at our jobs, in our children’s schools, we do nothing. Why? The answer is simple, because no one including ourselves, can take our rights away from us. Even when it means sending your kid to school knowing another teen could take dad’s gun and murder them. Even when it means going to a medical facility knowing that a person who disagrees with your political and religious beliefs could decide to shoot you. Even when it means going to the movies and knowing that a person who will claim to have mental illness could kill you.It doesn’t matter.

Americans are willing to sacrifice anything, including their lives, to hold on to this false sense of independence. This twisted and corrupted idea of freedom.

America;the land of the free and home of the brave. Land of mass shootings and home of justifiable homicide. A place where anything is possible, including the possibility of being shot to death at school, in church, at work, at home.

But let’s continue to aim our focuses on refugees and terrorists who are a threat to this nation. Let’s continue to point the finger at other places while our people shoot eachtother every single day. Let’s continue to ignore the fact that the biggest threat to our nation is us.


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