Behind the Hair

I’m friends with a lot of people who are very “into” themselves. And if that wasn’t clear, I mean into their appearance. Which actually is fine, because as a person who does her makeup every day and who tries to dress decently every day (and by decently I mean a dress instead of pajamas) I guess I’m really into my appearance as well.

One common thing we notice about girls in particular is our inability to feel confident with short hair. This amazes me. A beautiful person will still be beautiful with short hair, maybe even more so. But the action of taking scissors to their hair and chopping off inches of the dead keratin cells is much too much for many girls.

That’s okay, if someone doesn’t feel confident with short hair, then they just don’t. But often times, women just aren’t willing to cut their because they feel less feminine, how can you flirt with a boy if you no longer have long locks of hair for him to run his hands through? What if a stranger on the street calls you “sir” or “dude”? Short hair shouldn’t be associated only with men, but it is. I don’t believe women should be afraid to chop their hair off because it’s associated with guys or it’s too “masculine”.

Perhaps I’m a little bias though. I cut my hair  down to where it was about an inch in the longest parts. Of course it took me months to gain the courage to do so. I actually went to my salon sat down in the chair and changed my mind, told my stylist “I don’t think I’m ready for it to be this short”, so I cut into a bob. A month later,I was back having finally found my courage. Afterward, everyone loved my hair. It was a great. Huzzah. It was very sad how long it took me to be able to cut my hair, it always grows back there shouldn’t be any soul searching or deep thinking involved. Unless of course you’re into that, by all means mediate over it.

Cutting your hair is so liberating, I loved it.

Anwyay, I commend women who have the ability to “defy” beauty standards. Short hair isn’t something to be afraid of. If you can’t cut your hair because you’re not ready for it or you don’t want to that’s also fine. It’s not for everyone, but we shouldn’t feel like we can’t cut our hair because of how others may perceive us.


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