I know I skipped a Wednesday(sorry). I’m always busy with school so it’s a little hard to find the time to type these up. Anyway, I wrote this one a long time ago,as in October(which isn’t really that long I guess?) but as I say with almost everything I write, it is one of my favorites.


A Goddess in her own right,

She deserves the utmost respect.

Though she is not loved by many,

Her love for herself is sustaining.

She radiates confidence and royalty,

With her halo of thick dark hair.

She speaks truth and positivity

Into existence with every breath that

Escapes those full lips.

Underneath them lies glistening white,

A smile that blinds the world and

Captures envy from the sun.

Underneath her skin lies deep

Red blood, that courses through her

Like electricity, like a fire.

It gives her charge,it gives her the

Strength to endure a world that hates her.

To endure a world that constantly blames her.

To endure a world that does not appreciate her.

Her red blood, white teeth, blue veins and bright

Eyes are not enough.

But for her, for this natural beauty,

This ebony colored queen,

She knows she has power,

She knows she has a voice,

She knows that she is important

But for them, it remains unseen.


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