“Lonely Gopher”

After my last post, I had a very close friend tell me how proud of me she was. She showed her mom the poem I wrote and they both expressed admiration for it and honestly it was the best feeling.

To me, life is only worth living if you have people who will support your dreams no matter what you do. Some are only so lucky to have people who will tell them how talented they are, I’m glad that I have a best friend who will do this for me! (Shout-out to you 🙂 ).

So I have another poem, and again I warn you that I am not attempting to be a poet but  this one is really important to me and I really liked it. So I’m sharing it with you guys.


Lonely Gopher

Created by a maker not ripe for the task,

The lost ones toiled in trying to follow a clear path

Gophers they were, burrowing and hiding so as not to be seen

Foreign creatures a part of the cruel world, not understanding what it all means.

Thrown away, forgotten, unwanted and unloved.

The gophers could not swim, they could not rise above,

The pain, the hurt, the sorrow and the shame.

This was the plan all along, the maker had experienced the same.

But the lost ones knew, they understood, they were aware

Of the obstacles they would face  surrounded by the others who did not care that they were there

Unsatisfied with being cast-aways the gophers decided to change their fate

Praying that world could still be theirs, praying it was not too late.

But the seasons changed, they could no longer remain together

The closeness and the comfort had slipped away from them,forever.

Tired of waiting and hoping and trying and working at it alone,

The lonely gopher was determined to stray, she would find herself a new home.


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