Day Trip to Atlanta/Spelman Tour

I’m entering my senior year in High School and I’ll be applying to college soon. like about a month and a half. So in narrowing down my options, I’ve decided that Spelman is my number one choice. And since it’s in Atlanta which is only half an hour away from where I live, I made an appointment this past Friday to visit as soon as I was sure I wanted to go.

20150710_114953[1] It was a typical Georgia day, very hot and humid. And of course me being who I am, I had to wear a cardigan because it made my outfit look complete. The tour was guided by a senior at Spelman and she was very nice and knew so much about the school’s history I was actually amazed. There was a lot of construction going on(including a new gym, improvements to the road and a lot of other things), which caused us to have to kind of criss-cross all over campus because a lot of the regular routes were obstructed by construction crew.

20150710_111413[1]                           20150710_111737[1]              We went into Sisters Chapel which is the church that’s on campus and is open to all students in the AUC and people in the community. The church also houses one of the oldest pipe organ thingies in the area and was used for the wake of Dr.Martin Luther King after he died.

Clark Atlanta and Morehouse are also a part of the AUC and students from all three schools attend social events and classes held by the other schools. The goal is to create a community within the AUC so students have ties within all three colleges. The tour guide told us that Spelman and Morehouse’s homecomings often coincide so the celebrations can be shared by both schools. For those of you who don’t know, Spelman and Morehouse are unofficial brother-sister schools, and in order to allow students to get to know each other faster, Spelman women are assigned a Morehouse brother and Morehouse men are assigned a Spelman Sister. However the point is to form a friendship, not to date your brother/sister.

This is Bessie Strong Hall which is a dormitory and our tour guide informed us that it was also used in the show A Different World. She paused a little after she said it and my family jokingly asked if I knew what it was and she said “Usually when I tell younger people they don’t know what it is”. But to everyone’s shock and surprise I know what A Different World is  despite only being 17. Anyway this is one of the themed residence halls on campus. 20150710_111849[1]

We saw all of the residence halls and the guide gave us information about each of the halls including information about “strolling” and “stepping”. Her genuine and obvious love for Spelman made the tour even better because everyone could really get a feel for the atmosphere.

Once we finished the tour my very hungry small group decided to go have lunch somewhere. I suggested waffles so we went to Gladys Night’s and had a lot of fun talking about my (possible) future at Spelman and a lot of other stuff. And oh my god my waffle was great ,either because I was starving or because it had been forever since I’d been back.

for whatever reason, the lighting in here was very weird
for whatever reason, the lighting in here was very weird

The day ended up being very fun and I’m glad I finally got to see Spelman in person and learn so much about it. I really wanna go back just to see it all again and I’m hoping I’ll be  attending next fall.

20150710_115319[1]                                                  20150710_111105[1]


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