Oh The Places You’ll Go (but probably not)

There’s really only a few things that I want out of my life. I want to be happy and have a lifestyle with enough freedom to do what I want whenever I decide to. I also want to travel. Everywhere. All the time. Forever.

Everyone says things like that. Everyone does. But it’s so true for me. I really haven’t been anywhere other than states in the southeast, which actually sucks. But when your family can’t afford to randomly take vacations options are limited. But anyway, I’m obsessed with photography and reading and when I see pictures of foreign countries and read books like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy ,which takes place in Sweden, I really want to go and see these places in person. I’m definitely a geek. I know that and everyone who knows me knows that so when I think about traveling I want to go to places that are filled with centuries of history and culture as opposed to a random beach just to sit on sand all day. Sorry I don’t know what’s wrong with me :l  -just kidding. But really besides going somewhere to escape your daily life, I think that travel should be about learning something about different people and different cultures and things like that. When I’m too old to do anything anymore, I want to feel like I learned something and didn’t just spend my entire life working.

That’s one reason why I can’t wait for college(out of the infinite number of reasons why I can’t wait for college). I know lots of people study abroad while in college and I will most definitely jump on the opportunity to go to some other country and learn. I don’t see why someone wouldn’t take the opportunity if it was presented to them. Well besides the cost because it’s expensiiiive.

Safe Travels.

(and at the request of my best friend..)

always yours…


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