I’ve never really been the type of girl to get really excited about things like prom, but I love getting dressed up and doing new things so I wrestled with myself for months over whether I’d go then I finally decided for sure that I would go, one week before prom.

Obviously, since I waited until the last minute to decide I had to rush to do everything. A friend of mine showed me a dress of hers and I tried it on and loved it on me, so that was taken care of. Fast forward to the day of, I went to a beauty school to get my hair done because a friend of mine recommended a stylist who works there to me. Even though I have a hair dresser that I go to regularly, the beauty school was cheaper…and prom is expensive! Anyway, I learned my lesson. There was some mix-up at the salon and although I requested the recommended stylist, they gave me someone else. From the beginning I was a little caught of guard, the stylist was very loud and talked a lot. She was 18 years old! And I know that being young doesn’t mean that you aren’t talented(the girl who did my makeup was 16 and did an amazing job). But she seemed very new and nervous and considering this was my first prom I just really wanted my hair to come out the way I’d envisioned.

not many options when you decide to cut off three quarters of your hair
not many options when you decide to cut off three quarters of your hair.

So obviously I have a different hair texture than the girl in the picture but I knew it was still possible to  duplicate it. So I show the picture to the girl and she asks me how to do it. Then tells me that it’s too short but “we’ll just figure it out”. I appreciate her attempts to make conversation with me and entertain me because she was actually very nice. She even told me that her passion was theater and that beauty school was just something to do. Which to me seems strange to say to someone as you’re doing their hair. Anyway, she insisted on trimming my hair even though I told her multiple times that I didn’t want to, but eventually she pushed me into anyway. Half way through, her teacher comes over and tells her to use ‘cutting scissors’ and to never use the ones she was using to cut hair. My hair is in a tapered, layered haircut and she cut in horizontal sections and even I knew that was wrong.Her teacher came over again and had to fix the mistakes she made and I felt sick. I know that’s annoying, I don’t care much about cutting my hair obviously but it was the day of prom and I really didn’t want my hair to be cut too short the style I wanted. Okay I’ve gotten very off topic so basically after hours there, she eventually finishes my hair with lots of help from the director of the school and I spent the rest of the day trying to fix it.

Moving on, after my hair, I still had to get my nails, eyebrows and makeup done and had to be at my friends house before we went to Marietta Square to take pictures But I was running so late that I had to text them to tell them that I couldn’t make it. I feel so lame admitting it but I started to cry from frustration because everything was taking so long and I was running so late that I didn’t even want to go anymore. But after a few quick phone calls I made arrangements with other friends and was actually happy because it was working out well.

Me, Julianna and Christine
Me, Julianna and Christine

Since we left so late, we decided not to do dinner. But in traditional fashion, we stopped at McDonald’s to get Happy Meals :). Yes, my friends and I ate McDonald’s in gowns.

Our school was hosting our prom at the Fox Theater in downtown Atlanta so I was very excited because I looove being downtown. The drive down there was really great because Christine loves signing and dancing so she entertained us as she drove and simultaneously held her phone to keep an eye on the directions.

I love driving into the city it always looks so pretty.
I love driving into the city it always looks so pretty.

The night was really great, we took photobooth pictures, ate from a chocolate fountain and sat on an outdoor patio that felt so nice. The music was the only complaint…we really wanted to dance but the dj played the spice girls and songs that were just too overplayed to even enjoy. Some people liked it though, the dance floor was packed all night. It was a lot of fun seeing all of my friends dressed up since the attire for students a my school is usually t-shirts and nike shorts. There were so many people that later that night while checking Instagram I saw photos of people I hadn’t even known had gone. Since we parked a block away, we walked back in pain because we’d been wearing heels for hours and it was exhausting attempting to get back to the car. Halfway down one sidewalk, a tourist group had an actual barricade on the sidewalk that no one could get through so we had to j-walk across a street because we had no idea when they’d let us through. Halfway to the car, Christine and I took our shoes off! Looking back I realize how gross that actually is but at the time I just wanted to get back to the car. Once there, we decided to go for dinner… at Waffle House. For people who don’t know what Waffle House is, it’s cheap,basically fast food restaurant and so delicious. We got there around 11 o’clock and everyone was done eating by 11:15 because it takes no time to make waffles. It was the perfect way to end the night and looking back, I’m glad I decided to go to prom and I’m glad I went with these girls because it was a great night.

Here's a photo of my waffle courtesy of my SnapChat
Here’s a photo of my waffle courtesy of my SnapChat
One of the photo strip thingies from the booth
One of the photo strip thingies from the booth

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