A Day Out in Brookhaven

I’m a member of the Red Cross Club at my school so I signed up for what I thought was a blood-drive scheduled for this past Saturday. Turns out it was actually the Brookhaven Cherry-Blossom festival.


Which is more fun than a blood drive so I’m not complaining. My friend Alyssa and I didn’t know much about what we were supposed to be doing until we arrived. The adult supervisor told us to go pass out flyers and have fun and that was really all we needed to hear. There was live music that were didn’t get a chance to see but could clearly hear from all over the park. There were lots of booths filled with beautiful hand made jewelry, bags, clothes and so much other stuff. And then there were the booths for small businesses that offered up free things like water bottles and coasters. We wandered around for a while unsuccessfully giving out flyers to people who didn’t really want them and then stopped for a pizza break. There was an entire aisle of food trucks, including a waffle house! I’d never seen one of those before so I was really excited to get a waffle but they closed and didn’t open up again. Anyway after eating our pizza, we watched a dog stunt show, we actually waited for the show to start longer than the show actually lasted. Then we finally went back to the booth to do work where we sat answering random questions for a couple of hours.


The temperature dropped so drastically. I had no idea it would get so cold, I was wearing stretchy work out capris. So yeah it was very cold and we were very grateful when the supervisor told us we could leave early. Anyway the very long day turned out to be very fun despite my inappropriate attire for the 40 degree weather.


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