Where is My Fortune Teller

As the end of my junior year rapidly approaches, I’m becoming more aware that as a 17 year old, I am ultimately carving out the path of the rest of my life. It is a little concerning because while everyone my age would like to think that they know for certain what they want to do, I’m not exactly certain that we all do. Within a few years high school and college students choose education paths and majors based on careers we haven’t been taught about. Obviously there are basic things like becoming a teacher or a doctor, we understand how that will work and we understand what the job is. Its hard to find a passion for something when we are only given narrow options as to what kind of path we would like to take. Im interested in journalism. I’ve wanted to write since I was in elementary school, when I would go through my mom’s Vogues and read about things that I didn’t understand. I kept my head in books and in newspapers and fell in love with literature and history classes.But I also know that, while this major would make me happy, it also may not support me. Knowing that has lead me to consider other options, although I still am unsure. I have a teacher that I am pretty close with and she keeps asking me what I want to do when I get older or what do I want to major in and I always answer with ” I’m still trying to figure it out” . It’s become a joke to us, kind of like a game. Although it probably shouldn’t be one because it’s a serious question. The pressure I feel in trying to decide on my future is unparalleled to anything else I have going on right now. However, having said this, I’m sort of glad that I’m stressing and putting so much thought into this because after I have finally chosen I’ll know that it was a decision that I did not make lightly.


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