What i bought 2

I love shopping at thrift stores and stealing clothes and shoes from family and friends-what can I say I’m on a jobless teenager’s budget :). Anyway, I found this cute t-shirt dress thing at a target for around $15 which was great. Also it’s in black which is my favorite color, I love to be completely decked out in all-black like I’m a cast member of AHS season 3. The cardigan comes from a thrift store, of course. I’ve actually had it for a while but couldn’t decide if I really liked it so I never wore it. But I loved the way it looked with this outfit. Next I bought yet another pair of tights from forever 21 in navy blue. And lastly I got these booties from a Plato’s Closet. They are a size too big (shhhh) but they were too cute to pass up. I loved the finished product when I put everything together. So did my mother who strives to model her wardrobe as close to mine as she can get it.



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