Weekend Recap

I spent a very busy weekend out neglecting to do schoolwork and enjoying the “return” of warm Georgia weather. Ahh. I take a class at Georgia Tech so I was in downtown Atlanta and decided to hang out for a little while afterward.

image On the way home we drove past the Fox which was extremely busy because Wicked is here. Which is a bummer for me because I would’ve gotten tickets if I didn’t find out about it months after they went on sale. Anyway, traffic was ridiculous but you get used to it. Later that day, I decided to definitely not spend the rest of the day inside because it felt AMAZING for the first time in months. Along with my aunt and my younger cousin, we took on the task of hiking up Kennesaw Mountain, which is sort of a national park since it was a battlefield in the Civil War. Anyway, it is HUGE with trees everywhere-so you never know when you’re close to the top.


Well anyway I just wanted to recap this weekend’s adventures.


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