Neon-colored hair or Polo button downs.

How important do you find style and/or fashion?Obviously I’m into both because I genuinely love to dress myself in different types of things all the time. It’s fun and it’s interesting and I am completely aware that not everyone shares this opinion.

At my school, some people dress the same in the boho/grunge thing that has made a comeback. I think it’s cute and I’m into it a little I guess but the point is there is still over half the school that’s either male,or doesn’t dress that way. I respect everyone’s decision to wear whatever they want because freedom in choosing your clothes is very important, only because it is the first thing a person usually notices. I love personal freedom and I love when I see different people expressing what they like. I have so much respect for the girls and guys who can wear bold hair dyes and crazy make-up because I wouldn’t be able to handle it. I also admire the dedication of the girls who choose to wear nike shorts and tee-shirts everyday(Although,You have to branch out sometime ya know). But mostly I just love seeing people have fun with what they wear because clothes should not be as important as they are and people shouldn’t be judged based on the clothes they wear, because everyone likes different things. I’m only 17, I’ve only glanced at the real world outside of High School but from what I think I  know, the whole trendy fashion style thing doesn’t matter much.The only thing that really matters is whether or not you’re comfortable with what you wear.  Unless it is your career, then you should probably pay attention to some of the trends. Anyway, just wanted to share some random ideas about style again.


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