Day Trip to Milton

Today was a “snow day” which means school gets cancelled because there is a “threat” of snow and ice,not actual snow and ice. I bummed around and watched Netflix for a while but I bore easily…

So instead of staying in bed I ran errands and found this bagel shop called Bagel Boys Café (bagels are on my top five list of favorite foods). Anyway it was so great, my bagel was so fresh and everything was homemade- even the orange juice. I love when everything in a restaurant is homemade.


It was also a good day because I finally got to wear my “new” jacket that I got from a thrift store a couple of days ago. By the way,just like everyone else now I guess, I love thrift shopping. Im really impatient so I have to force myself to stay and actually look through everything. But anyway I’ve been looking for a jacket like this for a while but I didn’t want to pay a lot of money for one when I knew I could find one much cheaper.


Well anyway, today turned out to be pretty productive(excluding the hours in bed).  Hope you’re warm wherever you are cuz it’s freezing here. (:


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