why does makeup equal insecurity?

Not many people know this but  I have no shame in wearing makeup.Some people do ,however, because there seems to be an unfair association between makeup and insecurity. Obviously some girls wear makeup,like foundation or concealer, to cover up scars or (like me) uneven skin tone. Or to just simply highlight things they like, such as eye lashes,eyebrows or lips. But people sometimes assume that because you are trying to cover a part of your face, you are insecure about it. Which is not necessarily true in everyone. It seems naive to say that no girls wear makeup because of their insecurities because I’m aware that some do. I just simply think it is unfair for every girl to be stereotyped based on this decision, which really should not be a big deal to anyone but her. For me, I like wearing makeup because I like my long eyelashes and I like the option to cover up the occasional dark spot. I like the process of applying makeup and learning new techniques, although I have no interest in becoming a makeup artist it is still interesting to me. The bottom line is that it is okay to wear makeup and it is okay to choose not to. No girl should feel pressured or insecure to the point where she feels she should wear makeup and on the other hand, no girl should feel judged for choosing to wear makeup.


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