what i bought

I spent the weekend out shopping. Spending too much money and having too much fun. I believe I have an actual addiction to shopping because I have no issues with spending everything I have on a new lipstick or boots. I’m trying to teach myself not to over indulge and think about all of the unnecessary purchases I make but ahhhhh, its so hard.

So first things first, I’ve never actually shopped at Gap but on a trip to the Avalon I stopped in and was actually impressed. Lots of cute stuff and they had these SALE racks placed right in front of the checkout desk, so as you stand in line to pay you’re literally surrounded by clothes, cheap clothes. But I made it out okay and got a dress that was too cute to pass up on.


Next I took a visit to my old friends at Sephora to replenish the stock. I love being surrounded by makeup but it’s basically a maze in this store. I picked out my items,a new foundation and a pressed powder to go on top, and stood in line to pay and a woman comes up to me and goes “were you the one looking for contouring?” I slightly laugh and go “umm,no..?” and she laughs and leaves and I watch as she runs over to another woman to ask the same thing. I’m sorry but I seriously cannot get into the whole contouring thing,what normal person has time to wake up and do a Michelangelo every morning? Some days I do mascara a little cat eye and lipstick, others I do only mascara and some days I wear no makeup it just depends on how much time I have or what I’m wearing. I seem to be in the middle of the spectrum for high school girls, most wear none or they wear everything, everyday. But I can’t do it. Don’t get me wrong, I love lipstick and defined lashes as much as the next girl but ah I just don’t have the patience to do it everyday.

this may actually last for a couple months- I will barely use it
this may actually last for a couple months- I will barely use it

So lastly I went to Forever 21, which is almost mandatory at my age I feel like everyone shops here. Anyway, I walked around the store for probably over half and hour. HALF AND HOUR and left with only a new pair or tights and some earrings. The accessories are always so cheap and there’s so many I feel like I’m looking through them for hours. But I surprised myself by leaving with only those two things. As I walked out I passed a bunch of guys looking miserable as they waited for their girlfriends. Haha, sucks.

So yeah that’s my shopping day and hope that you’re a bit more responsible with your money than I am (: -I’m just kidding

always yours..


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