that one time i ate sushi

So I did it. Finally. I ate sushi for the first time ever. I know I’m about 2 decades behind everyone else (I haven’t even been alive that long) but I was always afraid that I’d get sick or something. My best friend who eats the little fishes regularly took me out and I have to say it was not what I expected or maybe it was.(she had also introduced me to authentic Italian and Greek food-her goal is to fatten me up I think.).We started off with some Chai tea which was actually great. Crazy sweet but I have a sweet tooth :).


Next we had soup, something with tofu and lots of salt, I couldn’t even finish mine so my bestie gracefully offered to finish it for me. And then it happened. The speedy waitress came out with our plates and my heart started beating faster-i’m not kidding, I was that nervous. I had salmon and cream cheese rolls. (I chose this because the same best friend introduced me to Lox and it was heaven.) It tasted alright but the seaweed was a NO GO. I picked each individual roll apart to rid them of the sticky,slimy sea scum while I imagined the professional sushi eaters were snickering. I also ate with a fork, assuming everyone was amused by that as well. My friend, however,  ordered some strange half fried,half raw crab stuff and it was magical. I wanted to trade mine out for hers because it was so delicious. I couldn’t believe it was actual sushi because I didn’t think sushi could taste like that. The night was over and I’d accomplished something I hadn’t done before. Ooooh I feel so accomplished.

this just looks so delicious right
this just looks so delicious right šŸ™‚

always yours..


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